Cute Baby Animal Pictures – For Emotional Wellbeing

Promote Positive Feelings with Cute Baby Animal Pictures

Use of visual pictures to help manage moods can be very effective in shifting how you feel. Have you ever felt a bit down, stressed or low and needed a little pick me up? Here we will discuss the benefits of looking at cute baby animal pictures to help with doing exactly this. Research has shown the benefits of having these images to look at have many positive effects and benefits.

SItting with feelings can be a real struggle to manage at various times and stages of life. Feelings are normal, and it’s good to learn how to sit with them. If you need a break from their intensity however, it can help to simply look at ways to shift how you feel until you can work with those feelings.  In my previous post, I’ve outlined the value and grounding effect that having a pet can do for our mental health and wellbeing.

I’ve found that using visual cues can be very effective in helping an individual to manage their mood, while also giving them something different to focus on.

Anyone can benefit from looking at cute baby animal pictures at any age.

Effects on the Brain

A study involving students looking at cute baby animal pictures, showed that tasks they engaged in were done more deliberately and with greater time and care. Looking at adult animals made no difference to the performance of tasks. For details on this research go here

  • Help productivity at work.
  • It also helps boost attention and focus.
  • A hormone called dopamine is released when we see an image with the cute factor. So it can act similar to cocaine as it can be addictive to want to get that dopamine boost but it’s a much healthier option.
  • It also promotes empathic responses when looking at cute baby animal images.
  • Baby animal pics also makes us feel happier

Baby Schema

The baby schema of large eyes, large head and high forehead typically has a positive effect on individuals.  Researchers believe the baby schema has the same effect when looking at baby animals.

Shift negative feelings

So if you’re not feeling the best and struggling to sit with how you feel at the time. Or need to shift where your thoughts are taking you, have a look at some cute baby animal pictures to help boost how you feel. Think of it as a fun but effective way to shift the not so good feelings if you’re working through a tough time.

If you are finding you’re having a bit more of a hard time and struggling look into getting some face to face support or online counselling.

 Cute Baby Animal Pictures

So without further ado, here’s a few images to help boost those happy hormones and shift how you feel if that’s what you need at the moment.
Remember it can also make you more productive so have a sneak peak while at your desk to see if it helps improve your concentration and productivity.

cute baby animal picturescute baby animal picturescute baby animal pictures

cute baby animal picturescute baby animal picturescute baby animla pictures


And even though these are babies, we too are mammals. So I thought I would include some cute baby pics to boost your feel goods.

Moving Forward

1.  So start your day with some cute baby animal pictures so you can set yourself up for a good day with positive brain activity already boosting your dopamine

2.  Save your favourite pics as a background on your phone so you can look at them often to help give you some positive feels daily

3.  Get creative and print out a few pics. Make a collage, hang it in your office or a space you look at regularly for positive vibes.

4. Save this post for future reference 😉


Can you think of any baby animals that you find are adorable that helps you feel joyful and positive?

Share your comments below for how you have found looking at baby animals make you feel.


20 Replies to “Cute Baby Animal Pictures – For Emotional Wellbeing”

  1. I absolutely love looking at baby animal pictures, they are so relaxing and cute! Looking can make any mood 20x better; whether sad, angry, confused, drained, empty. At work I sometimes will take a breather just to look at cute baby animals.

    1. Hi Kait, thanks for sharing how baby animal pics help shift how you feel when you’re having those not so good feelings. It sounds like they are a good respite during your days at work. ~kat

  2. Ah, I love this. Thank you for this article, Kat. I love baby animals (and just animals in general) so i can really relate to the feel good analogy. But I didn’t know all the effects and science behind.

    It just gives me more reason to continue gazing at adorable animals even more! Yay!

    I am not sure which baby animal was the cutest of those you shared in your article! They are all soooooooooooooo adorable. Baby “anything” is always cute in my eyes, And it just brightens my day that you have shared this,

    I think you should add some baby sea creatures too though 😉

    1. Hi Zasibel, not that we need an excuse to look at baby animal pics, but having science behind us definitely helps. I’ll take on your feedback and add some baby sea animals too, thanks for the idea 🙂 ~kat

  3. The cuteness of the pictures is killing me. It is funny; I wrote an article about where to find daily pics of cats on my blog this week as well. The whole premise of the post was that it would enhance your mood. Studies have shown that people who start their day with something happy and positive have more good days than people who do not.

    That is why I try to look at images that make me feel good in the morning instead of reading a newspaper which will remove my joy.

    This is a great post; thank you for writing it. I love the baby animal pictures. The dopamine is already starting to work.

    1. Hi Dovey, I didn’t realise you’ve written a post of cat images this week! I will have to pop over and have a look lol! Yes, starting our day right definitely helps us set up for a great day. Thanks for sharing. ~kat

  4. Who doesn’t love looking at baby animals? I love taking a few moments to just bask in their adorableness. Sometimes I will share some pics to my Facebook page with a note of encouragement for those might need a pick-me-up.

    This reminds me of a meme I saw with a baby bat (I was surprised at how cute it was!) and a person petting it with one finger. The caption says, “Stop touching me, I am the night!”. I think about this a lot and get a good giggle from it.

    1. Hi Heather, I love your sharing of the baby bat, too cute! Yes, looking at baby pics really does have a positive effect on us. Thanks for sharing ~kat

    1. Hi Helen, it’s so good to look at baby pics of our own bubbas and cats to help boost our feel goods hey :). Thanks for sharing xx :). ~kat

    1. Hi Marci, it’s great that you’ve been able to get some benefit from my post. Gives you a snippet of calm in your busy schedule ~kat

  5. Amazing and very interesting article Kat. I always loved watching cute baby animal pictures and I couldn’t explain why. But your post explained so much. I had no idea that those cute baby animal pictures have so many positive effects on our brain like helps to improve productivity at work, improves focus and attention. And the most interesting thing for me was that our brain releases a hormone called dopamine. And last, but nor least and I could not agree more that it definitely helps to rid off negative feelings.Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    1. Thank you Marius, yes, it’s funny how many things in life can make a difference but unless we are aware of this, they can go unnoticed. Blessings ~kat

  6. Hi Kat, You are so right. The nicest thing in and around the house we have 2 baby kittens right now. The real-life thing is probably the best. I’ll be sure to make cute pictures of them while they are young, so we can use them when they are all grown up, to boost our positive mindset and feelings. Thanks for sharing. I love to read more on the research done with the students. Thanks for adding that too. This will come in handy for my own clients too.

    1. Hi Nanda, two of your very own kittens, how adorable. Definitely take as many photos of them while they’re young. I asked my daughter for images of her kittens too which one of them feature here :). They really are simply beautiful and calming to be with and watch. Enjoy ~kat

  7. Oh my goodness, Kat those pictures are so cute. It’s funny my sister’s toddler is so cute every time I have a bad day at work I look at her picture and I’m full of giddy.

    We haven’t had a baby in 20 years and then one comes along, it’s like magic.

    Thanks for sharing. I

    1. Haha, thanks Kelyee. I aim to please :). Baby animals and our human babies really do have a positive effect on us for sure ~kat

  8. I wrote about using cute baby animals as a pick you up instead of slipping into unconscious eating as well! The attraction of the baby schema is why I think so many of the augmented reality filters in SnapChat change faces to have exaggerated eyes and thinner jawlines.

    1. I hadn’t made that connection with the snapchat filters Kendra thanks for pointing that out lol! You do have a good point. Thanks for sharing ~kat

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