The Anxiety Healing Program Review – Self Help for Anxiety

A Review of the Anxiety Healing Program

Having anxiety can be a real pain in the you-know-what!  Have you ever experienced anxiety yourself? If you’ve experienced it in you know how hard it can be to shift when it’s in full swing. Having lived a life with anxiety on and off myself for so long I decided to do a review of the Anxiety Healing Program to find out if it works or not.

anxiety healing program

As anxiety is a very common experience for many people, children, adolescents and adults alike, it’s time to find ways to learn how to manage it and even overcome it. This may be easier for some than others.

There are many ways to work on managing anxiety and healing from its impact on your life. I’ve written another post here if you want to know more about the wide range of ways to cope with it.  Let’s look at whether The Anxiety Healing Program can be included as an additional tool for dealing with anxiety.

What is The Anxiety Healing Program?

This program utilizes the therapeutic value of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT for short. This therapy helps one to analyze and gently challenge what one is thinking without judgment. Often our thoughts go into a negative spin if we are stressed or have developed a set pattern of thinking and responding to particular situations. By working on our thoughts and their direction through focussed CBT work, we can become more aware of what our thoughts are telling us and how they are influencing how we feel and act.

The program has 9 MP3 audio downloads that are instantly available upon purchasing the program.

It also comes with either a PDF version or spiral-bound print journal, depending on which you level of program you decide to purchase.

Who Can Do The Anxiety Healing Program?

This program is available for anyone from the age of 12 yrs and over. It can be done with the support and help of a parent or caregiver or followed and completed individually.

Anxiety Healing Program for Adults -$119.99

Anxiety Healing Program for Missionaries -$119.99

Anxiety Healing Program for Teens -$119.99

Anxiety Healing Program for Young Adults -$119.99

Spiral-bound Premium Journal – $19.99

There can be a number of reasons why anxiety is present in one’s life. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge that it’s an issue.

Ask yourself how does anxiety affect you? Does it stop you from doing things you actually want to do?

Simply ignoring it and hoping it will go away won’t make it go away. If anything, if you try to push it away inside your mind, you may even make it worse.

Consider letting others know what’s going on for you if you feel you can trust them. They might even be able to support you on your journey of healing and be on your side as you work through the challenges you have with it.

Being proactive and working on how to overcome anxiety is a positive step towards being free of this condition and its impact on your life.

Therapeutic Model

It uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which has many years and extensive scientific research creating long-lasting effective changes for those experiencing anxiety.

It does require the individual to apply the ideas to their own lives and commit to doing the work that is required. No one can overcome any mental health issue without being reflective of what’s happening for them. It takes one to be personally responsible for the work and effort that goes into therapy. Unfortunately, no one has a magic wand to magic away the pain or psychological issue.

It comes with 9 instant downloads, the first being an introduction, the rest are the actual program content. Although it might be tempting to try to do all of the sessions as fast as possible, try to pace yourself with them.

I don’t recommend doing it all at once in a couple of days. Emotional healing requires a bit of time to reflect on one’s thought patterns and processes. It takes time to reflect on your responses to situations and incorporate the learnings from the program. It’s recommended that you do at least one per week, maybe 2 if you feel that you are able to progress further.

How it Works

The first part involves the creator, Kate, lead 4 different individuals through a prerecorded CBT coaching session.

Each person in the program addresses a different type of anxiety:

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD),
  • Panic disorder,
  • Social anxiety, and
  • Situational anxiety

While doing the program you will learn what kind of anxiety you experience.

You will also learn how to use different types of coping tools and how to apply them to your situation.

You can listen to each session as often as you need to.

The program also shows how the participants in the sessions experience their anxiety and how they use the tools to help them manage it.

The second part of the program involves using the journal. This is an important step in the program as it is where you record what type of anxiety you have and what situations trigger you to feel anxious. It also helps you work out which tool is most beneficial for you.

You can listen to the audios anywhere at your convenience.

About the Creators

Kate Wirig (MA-Psych)

Kate created this program as she had seen first hand with a close friend the extent of their mental anguish and not getting the support they needed. She saw the amount of time her friend had spent trying to overcome the anxiety. She also realized how costly it had been for them.

Kate wanted to make it easier for anyone experiencing anxiety to be able to have a program that works and was easy to access.

Kate has completed a Masters in Psychology, with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Relationships and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology majoring in Neuroscience.

She has also won awards including Brigham Young University’s “Circle of Honor” Award and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Hope of the Future” Award.

Stuart Squires

Stuart has completed a Masters in Social Work. He has 10 years of experience working with families and individuals to work through depression, anxiety, defiance, unhealthy communication, addiction, and abuse.

Stuart has worked in a wide range of treatment settings such as outpatient therapy, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient family treatment. He helps people with positive thinking, healthy coping strategies, and honest communication skills.


  • It can be done in the comfort of one’s home. No risk of being seen by anyone attending an office (some people find this difficult to do)
  • No stress about finding a park or dealing with the commute to an office.
  • One therapy session costs more than the total cost of this program.
  • It is the equivalent of 8 CBT face to face therapy sessions.
  • There is no ongoing subscription, unlike some mental health online services.
  • Easier access for those with mobility issues.


  • The only con I think is that since there’s no ongoing subscription, it means there is no access to a support counselor to talk through any issues one might face with doing the program.
  • It also requires the individual to have the capacity to do this either on their own or with personal support.

Customer Reviews

Here are a few stories of those who have experienced anxiety in their lives and found The Anxiety Healing Program helped them through.

Anxiety healing program

My Recommendation

Yes: I would highly recommend this program  

Rating out of 5:  ✮✮✮✮✮

My reasons for the high rating:

  • It can be done from the comfort of one’s own home.
  • No Subscription is Necessary.
  • More affordable than seeing a therapist face to face on a regular basis.
  • Fewer issues with parking and traffic.
  • Implements a reliable and scientifically backed therapeutic model.
  • It helps one to focus on relieving and overcoming the anxiety they feel.
  • CBT is a very effective tool to help work through anxiety
  • It’s structured which helps one work through it at their own pace.

Final Words

So if you are looking for a way to overcome your experience of anxiety, consider this program to help you heal from the pain and suffering that anxiety can cause. It will take personal work and a commitment to reflecting on how you are affected by anxiety in your life. But doing nothing will make things worse and stop you from enjoying what life can offer.

Click on the button below to get instant access to a brighter future.

anxiety healing program


17 Replies to “The Anxiety Healing Program Review – Self Help for Anxiety”

  1. I’ve been suffering from anxiety pretty much my whole life. These days it’s low level and intermittent fortunately. I can usually “snap out of it” if I do a little self reflection and have a conversation with my self how my I’m being anxious about irrational things and how it doesn’t benefit myself at all. It’s like negotiating with my own psyche,

    I imagine I’m talking to a scared child and this really seems to do the trick. I do think anxiety, at least in my case is a childhood reminiscent feeling of being scared of the unknown. I convince my inner child I’m a capable adult and the adult part of me will handle any trouble that’s ahead.

    That said I have never tried CBT, I have read about it extensively but never worked up the courage to go to a therapist. Partly because I’m fairly functional but that doesn’t change the fact that anxiety lowers my quality of life at times. I guess what I’m doing is a bit like CBT because I think it’s about changing negative inner beliefs.

    I still might give this program a chance as it’s pretty affordable. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would really be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me I have had anxiety issues for sometime and it has really be affect my family,you when the man is down is more likely the house is down I tried alot of products ranging from tablets to syrups but to no avail but I think I would give it a trial.

    1. Hi, thank you for sharing your experience of anxiety. It can affect many people around you when you are struggling yourself. It sounds like you are open to finding strategies for managing it which is wonderful. I wish you all the best ~kat

  3. I have been looking for some like this although I have tried some different products like this and most of them did not work but I still kept looking because this anxiety issue has disturbed me and my spouse for some time we have even gone for massages but to know avail but after reading this article I think I have found what I have been looking for,thanks alot for this very helpful article.

    1. Dealing with anxiety can be a big challenge. It’s good that you’ve been looking into various strategies for managing it and haven’t given up on finding something that will work for you. All the best with what you decide on doing. 


  4. The article about the ” A Review of the Anxiety Healing Program” looks nice.You give several information about the  Healing Program.Even my cousin’s sister recommender for me but I’m not interested with any Healing Program but after seeing your article it gives more additional information about the anxiety disorder and Anxiety Healing Program for Teens – $49.00 is very cheap. Thanks for giving the recommended information.

    – by yoge

    1. Hi Yoge, thanks for sharing your thoughts on whether to do the Anxiety Program and initial reluctance. It is very good for anyone who experiences anxiety, including teens, so certainly let others know about this program if you recognise a need. Perhaps you could reconsider doing it yourself if you experience high anxiety. All the best ~kat 

  5. Hi there and thanks for the informative article

    As a high school teacher, I see first hand how anxiety can cripple young people, especially when they are preparing for their final exams. 

    The anxiety healing program sounds like something that could be presented in schools for students to work through as part of pastoral activities. Do you know how I could find more information about the course being offered in schools to larger groups perhaps? 

    Thanks very much 

    1. This program isn’t delivered to schools, as it’s a program for the individual however that being said, a school counselor could request permission from the creators themselves and get the appropriate approval from the school themselves and offer to run the program in small groups if time permits. It could be offered to students who choose to participate or offer one on one with the support of the school counselor themselves. There are many ways to offer this throughout schools, it depends on the school, who would be willing and have skills in being able to address any possible concerns for the participants and check with the creators if this would be something they are okay for it to happen. 

  6. This could truly be the life saving encounter I have been waiting for and for a truth, this is really great to see here. Anxiety is a problem I have been battling with for quiet a long time now and getting to see that there is a specialised program designed to help me with it even without having to leave the comfort of my home, that is great to see for me. Thanks

    1. Hi Benny, anxiety is a personal experience but widespread. It’s great that you’ve found something that could help you work through your experience with anxiety. I would love to hear if you do decide to get this program and what you think of it. All the best ~kat

  7. The anxiety healing program  seems okay to know about for me since most of the things attached to it has to do with one maintaining the privacy and still staying at home. This is great to know for me. However, I have a little problem with that. If one stays at home without having a physical meeting with therapist and all, how then will one be able to explain the difficulties in the program and reactions towards it?

    1. Hi Rodarrick, thanks for your good question. I too wondered this as there isn’t a counselor in conjunction with the program. It depends on one’s own anxiety levels. There’s no harm in doing work on one’s anxiety without support from a therapist. One can still find a therapist and talk it through with them in conjunction with the program if they need to. One can also ask a trusted friend or family member and talk through their experiences and ideas. One can email the program creators and request feedback from them. All the best


  8. Kat, I was always under the impression that some anxiety in life was normal.  And at some level all of us humans do and must experience many of the very psychological and emotional responses that we often complain about or find debilitating.  

    And I suppose to some degree this is true, however in considering your posts it has become apparent to me now that it is not entirely the case.  As with other concerns, it is important to determine if or how we’re affected.  Which is why I enjoyed reacting to your self-exam questions: “How does this anxiety affect me?  Does it stop me from doing what I want to do?”  

    And then to really listen to my answers to myself.  

    I believe that negative anxiety must be, at the very least, addressed in a meaningful way.  For as you noted, “being proactive” is a positive step to overcoming and to be free of this condition.

    1. Hi Tony, it sounds like you have been able to do some reflecting of your own, this is such an important step in learning more about one’s experience of emotions. It’s when you can make connections and understandings of your own personal experiences that can benefit how you cope when anxiety happens. I’m glad to hear the self-assessment questions were helpful for you. All the best ~kat

  9. I am very glad I found your website.  I had not heard about the CBT anxiety self help program before.  It sounds like something that could really work.  In my opinion, if it did work it would be far better than taking medication that usually has  side effects that are sometime worse than the problem.  I have a very close friend who experiences anxiety and I think this might be a plan that could work for him, with proper support.  I certainly can’t help him by myself, but we could try working together with direction from the program.  Thank you for this information, it is most helpful.


    1. Hi Sharen, it’s great to hear from you and how you have been helping your friend and been supporting him. I hope you can pass this information onto him and help him work through the challenges of his experience of anxiety. ~kat

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