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Extended Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Deal

Black Friday through to Cyber Wednesday Extended Offer In a previous post last week, I shared my journey into how I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I discussed how it’s helped me build a beautiful website...

benefits of audiobooks 18

The Benefits of Audiobooks – Let’s be Practical

Benefits of Audiobooks I used to be an avid reader many years ago, especially before kids! Now I have 4 adorable children with one of those darlings now an adult. If any of you...


How to Practice Self Love and Why it Matters

How to Practice Self Love Learning to love oneself is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. Being human comes with all sorts of challenges. We make mistakes daily, we...

Australian suicide helplines 15

Australian Suicide Helplines and Resources

Where to Find Help for Suicidal Ideation in Australia This post aims to provide Australians with supports and contact numbers for those experiencing suicidal ideation in Australia. It also includes a list of resources...

Review of Mindplace Kasina Meditation System 20

Review of Mindplace Kasina Mind Meditation System

Mindplace Kasina Mind Meditation System Welcome to my detailed review of the Kasina Mind Meditation System. For those of you who already meditate, you might be looking at ways to enhance or deepen your...