Online Programs for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Help is Here

Are you looking for support and learning how to manage anxiety and panic attacks? Look no further as I have done the legwork for you. I’ve been looking around to find appropriate and relevant programs to make it easier for you to decide which one will be best for you.

What is Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a feeling that is linked with our fight or flight system. It can help us to predict or prepare for things using adrenalin. The problem with anxiety in today’s world is that if this anxiety doesn’t settle down and allow ourselves to relax, our bodies continue to be in this heightened state. This can wreak havoc on our nervous system consequently affecting our physical and mental health.

Anxiety is the experience of constantly living in a state of fear. Thoughts such as ‘what if I can’t do this’, and, “I’m scared of “what might happen” can contribute and fuel this anxiety.

Why Get help?

There’s value in getting support with anxiety. You don’t have to deal with it on your own. Even if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone face to face, it can be something you can work on from home, Through a program that can guide you with strategies derived from research.

anxiety and panic attacks

It’s quite common for individuals to hide their anxiety too. You might not even be aware when someone experiences anxiety, Yet on the inside that person is really struggling with the situation or their thoughts and feelings contributing to this emotional pain.

No one needs to suffer alone. We aren’t necessarily born with the skills and knowledge of how to manage anxiety on our own.  It’s usually something that we need to learn on our own in our own way when we are ready.

Like the saying goes,

‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.

There are a number of different strategies and therapeutic techniques that help you work through and manage anxiety.

Therapeutic Approaches

One of the types of therapeutic approaches includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It’s demonstrated scientifically to be very effective in managing anxiety,

Other approaches include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Mindfulness is also something that can help with learning how to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

Additionally, I have created a post on Grounding Techniques that you can use too. You can find it here.

Another approach is Neuro Linguistic programming or NLP. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is also another way to sit with anxiety and work through it using acupressure points on your body. There are many ways to help.

The programs below are aimed specifically at guiding you on managing anxiety using some of these approaches.

Programs to Alleviate Anxiety

Anxiety Healing Programanxiety and panic attacks

This program can be done from the comfort of your own home.

It’s highly effective in helping one work through anxiety and overcome it.

The whole program costs less than one therapy session.

The therapeutic value has the same benefit of 8 sessions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

It is totally private,

There is no subscription necessary.

Once you purchase the program you own it, it’s yours, no followup pestering emails or upsells.


Online-Therapyanxiety and panic attacks

This program works just as effectively as face to face support and is a proven way of managing anxiety using CBT techniques. It can help you work through a wide range if issues, including anxiety and panic attacks.

This program offers a complete range of therapeutic toolbox online. It includes a Personal Therapist, activity plan, journal, live chat, yoga, worksheets and more.



Panic Away

anxiety and panic attacks

This program offers genuine support for those experiencing panic attacks who want to stop them from happening. Panic Attacks can be debilitating and can stop people from engaging fully in life for fear of having a panic attack. One of the biggest aspects of panic attacks is the fear of having one, which impacts how one interacts with world because this fear holds them back. Experiencing a panic attack can make you feel like your world is falling apart. This program works on short circuiting the panic loop.

This program has helped thousands of people to no longer experience panic attacks through a well researched and knowledgeable program which was created by a psychologist who understands how panic attacks affect one’s life and how to help people stop their occurrence. You still have to do the work, as with any new learning, but this shows you what to do and gives you the tools to put into place how to stop panic attack.

The program includes an ebook, videos, audios and access to a members area.


Blessing Manifesting

anxiety and panic attacksThis one is about self love and self compassion. Something I value highly. I believe that a lot disharmony with our mental well being has a lot to do with not accepting ourselves and not having a positive view of our self. Here you will find a range of workbooks for you to go through and process from your perspective to get you reflecting while also guiding you on what to focus on to build on your self love.

You can either buy individual items or get the whole bundle for $82 which includes Self love Workbook, Breathe – Anxiety Workbook, Breathe Anxiety Journal, Random Acts of Kindness Cards,

Mental Health, Parenting, Relationship, Recovery, Uncovering Grief add-ons, and A Self Care Calendar. There’s heaps more, so click on the pic below to find out more.


7 Minute Mindfulness

anxiety and panic attacksThis program helps you work on mindfulness in a short 7 minutes of your day. Regular practise of mindfulness can reduce depression, anxiety, stress and anger. When you practice mindfulness daily, you can find peace. Reducing the need to control the world, and instead develop a deep relaxation. Mindfulness also increases neuroplasticity, and helps manage emotions no matter what the circumstances.


Self Therapy Journey

Although this isn’t aimed specifically at managing anxiety and panic attacks, it covers issues that are usually the reason behind the anxiety you feel.

The issues they address help work on usually occur with the experience of anxiety include:

  • bulimia
  • need for control
  • fear of conflict
  • people pleasing
  • shyness
  • lack of self confidence
  • perfectionism

If any of these resonate for you, go over to the Self-Therapy Journal and check out which issue you want to work on. There is also resources for building on your self-capacity for various issues including social confidence and assertiveness.  There are many options to choose from that you can consider you want to work through from a personal growth and development perspective that can grow your confidence in being able to handle anxiety.

They offer an online community as well as books, resources, and courses for anyone wanting to work on their stuff.

There’s a range of quizzes there too which you might want to take to see if any of them might be relevant for you.

Heather LeGuilloux

anxiety and panic attacks

Heather LeGuilloux is a Mental Health Blogger and a registered clinical counsellor.

Her goal is to help others work through their mental health through practical strategies for everyday use.

She has created a number of workbooks to help manage and work through depression, anxiety, motivation and reaching your goals. For your free Anxiety Pocket ebook click here.

Better Help

Better Help Is a website dedicated to providing you with one on one counselling and support. A counsellor is matched to you and your needs who will work with you. This services is limited to those living in the US. Here’s where to go

Final Words

I hope this provides you with a range of options for you designed specifically to help you find a program that will help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

Ultimately each program will require you to reflect and apply the ideas and recommendations provided. No one can magically take away your anxiety unless you do the work and process the available information.

I would love to hear from you if you’ve had any experience with any of the above programs and found them useful for you overcoming your anxiety.

Which one would you choose? Leave your comments below.


53 Replies to “Online Programs for Anxiety and Panic Attacks”

  1. Wow, this are amazing options for those out there like me that sometimes need a bit of help. It never occurred to me that help may be found online. I keep forgetting how advanced we are with technology. I love the idea, since sometimes I feel more comfortable sharing my thought online instead of in person. Online therapy would be my option. Also, I like the self journals. I do believe they work since I’ve seen them work with friends. Thank you for providing good information and helping others find what’s out there that can help.

    1. Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience. It sure does make things a lot easier if you can get help online. Yes journals are very effective in helping people work through what they need to at the time. All the best ~kat

  2. Hi Kat,

    I suffer from both anxiety and panic attacks. This is a scary thing to have and it comes without warning. I appreciate all the great information that you have here in your article.

    I handle mine with a lot of prayers and with healthy alternative medicine like slippery elm and valerian root. Both help in those situations.

    Thank you and blessings,

    Donna Rayne

    1. Hi Donna, yes, incorporating multiple elements into one’s way of managing anxiety does make a big difference. It’s great that you’ve found something that works for you with prayers and the alternative medicines. They are definitely very handy in managing anxiety. Thanks for sharing ~kat

  3. These are some great resources for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Many people suffering from these probably do not even know they exist and you have proven that there is help out there.

    I served in the military for many years and have experienced many people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and your article brings back so many memories.

    Thank you for providing such a valuable resource.

    1. Hi Nate, yes, so many people would experience anxiety and panic attacks in the military understandably. Lets hope people can find benefit from reading this post to help alleviate their experience of anxiety. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ~kat

  4. What a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading this blog. The way you have explained about anxiety bit by bit is so nice to read. There are so many people out there who suffer from anxiety and stress. I am so happy that this blog will be helpful to them. Keep up you the good work . Few points about yoga and meditation will be an added plus point to this blog.


    1. Hi Sai, thanks for stopping by. Anxiety is one issue that is so frequent but sometimes not actually worked through. Thanks for the suggestions. Yoga and meditation get a mention on a previous post here . This post focuses more about finding help using therapeutic strategies as a way of working through the anxiety. ~kat

  5. I really don’t have much to say other than thank you!. I have been suffering a lot with anxiety attacks lately and has been ongoing for about 6/7 months now and is really out of character for me.

    I am going to have a really good look at those options presented.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Derek, I’m glad you’ve had the courage to share how things have been for you recently and look into what’s available. It so important to be able to acknowledge what’s going on for you and find a way to work through it. Well done for being open to doing something for yourself emotional well being. ~kat

  6. Hey there,

    I am totally surprised how many online programs for anxiety and self help exist.
    I think it’s very important to be able to seek help online because as we know, we now do pretty much everything online. And that’s a bit creepy lol 🙂
    I especially like the idea of self-therapy journals and think it’s very helpful.

    1. Hey there Asen, we do so much online, so it makes sense to get support and therapy online too hey! I too like the self-therapy journals. They’re really valuable tools in working through the various issues. Thanks for stopping by ~kat

  7. A really good post. I am so glad you have rounded up where to get help. I know panic attacks can be very disabling for those who suffer them. I am mental health nurse myself and I wish my patients had access to half this information. It is a very valuable page.

    1. Hi Diane, thanks for your feedback. It’s my hope that the people who need this help will find it so they can work through the anxiety. It is challenging for so many people. Knowing there’s help for it can help the anxiety go away. ~ kat

  8. Thanks Kat for this. I do suffer from anxiety and have had panic attacks but I have worked on the panic attacks but I do feel they still try to venture out at times but I have managed to keep them calm downs. Anxiety is a huge thing I face daily and I APPRECIATE your site with the different options and reminders. I have done better keeping calm with prayers, counseling from my church and my supportive husband and family. But it is still something that is a struggle. The lack of confidence and hard time making decisions. I do like idea of adding the self therapy journals. Thanks for helping others.

    1. Hi Amy, that is for sharing your experience with this condition. Anxiety can get worse when it’s not addressed. Well done for working through the anxiety you experience. It can take time and work but it’s worth it. Take care ~kat

  9. This is awesome Kat.

    I think anxiety is something that most people have whether they realise it or not. Personally, I have found meditation has become so useful for me to become aware of my feelings and learning how to cope with them.

    It’s great for times before speaking in public to take a few deep breathes and become aware of the situation rather than panic and freeze under pressure.

    Thanks so much for sharing such amazing tips


    1. Hi thanks Mike. It’s great to hear that you’ve found meditation such a helpful tool in noticing and being aware of your feelings. It’s important to recognise feelings and not fight them, but sit with them. Public speaking can be an overwhelming time for anxiety, but like you said, a few deep breaths to help manage those jitters really do help ~kat

  10. Wow, I never realized that there was so much help in the form of online courses available for anxiety-related problems. I was always under the impression that one had to go to the professionals. 

    Many people don’t do this and thus their anxiety becomes worse with time. At least there are now options available for people who can’t afford the professionals or who don’t want to go and talk to a stranger.

    For myself, I would go for the breathe course or the mindfulness one, as life is so fast-paced we need to give ourselves time to process what is going on around us.

    1. Although professionals are preferred, anxiety is one condition that can be done through online programs too which can also alleviate anxiety. It is still helpful to work with a psychologist or therapist to identify the underlying issues. Some people find this more expensive however, so having online options available gives people more flexibility as well as working through issues from the comfort of their own home when they are ready. It could also help one work with an online program which can then support them to see someone face to face. It really depends on how the individual responds. There’s a lot of value in breathing strategies and mindfulness but this could be hard to understand how to do  ~kat.  

  11. I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried several techniques to improve my well-being but none of them have really worked so far.

    The only one that I haven’t tried yet is mindfulness and it’s said that it could be the most effective of all. Where can I find this 7 minutes mindfulness?

    1. Hi Harry, I imagine it’s been a big challenge for you living with the anxiety you have experienced over the years. I too have lived with anxiety for many years, and have found mindfulness very helpful along with grounding strategies which I talk about in this post.  You can find the 7 minute mindfulness here. Feel free to have a look around the rest of my site to find additional strategies and ideas to help you manage the anxiety Harry. ~kat

  12. In my opinion when a person has symptoms like these should always try to consult a doctor. Usually only with the help of therapists can these problems be solved as most of the times they have deeper roots that are not easy for the person suffering to understand and overcome. Most of the times people are afraid or don’t give a lot of thought of asking help as they believe they can overcome this by themselves but unfortunately I have seen many times people instead of becoming better they become worst. Always ask for help, it’s not a shame.

    1. Going to see someone is always my first suggestion with my clients (I’m a phone and web counsellor with a national service), however if one can also work from home on their stuff, they can also do this with the guide and support of a professional with them as they process the anxiety. I also find that many people suffering anxiety struggle to speak to professionals due to the anxiety, so helping one access online programs can help one work towards taking the next step of talking with someone.

  13. Hello, although I do not suffer from anxiety I have friends that do and I cant’t even imagine what they go through. Reading this post definitely gave me additional insight and I thank you for that! It is great to see that there are so many tools that one can use to treat anxiety! I will be reading more. Thank you from your friends at

  14. I have a friend who has an anxiety problem. Can I call it a problem or should I refer to it as anxiety only?

    Reading your post, I realised what a shitty and ignorant friend I am. She was never open to talk about it and didn’t want to educate us how to make it easier on I never really cared, it was her thing that she kept it very private. I know she turns off her phone often, so maybe that’s her way of coping with it and having her self-reflect time. Still, I feel I should educate myself on my own. The more you know..I’ll keep following your posts.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Katya, you can call it a problem, because it is a problem for many people. Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s actually really hard for someone to talk about their anxiety openly. So it’s quite normal and understandable that your friend hasn’t told you much about it, or that you aren’t aware of it as a result. It would be good if you could support her and let her know you want to be there for her, even if she isn’t ready to talk. You might want to have a read through some other posts here to share with your friend to give her some ideas on how to manage her anxiety when she’s struggling with it. In particular check the grounding post, self soothing post, and ways to manage anxiety naturally. Good for you for looking at finding ways to educate yourself to support your friend. ~kat

  15. This is really great! Having an online program for anxiety is very helpful, not anyone get help in time. So, having an direct access to such an help can truly change lives.

    I like the online therapy program, I find that it is the most complete. But can you save and get access to the sessions you had? It will be great to access  them anytime.


    1. Hi, thanks for letting me know that you found the online anxiety program helpful for you when you needed to access it. I’m not sure about the details of previous access. I would recommend you go to their website and send them an email.  You’re right about the convenience of having access at times that are convenient for you. Getting help when one needs it is so important. ~kat

  16. Those that don’t experience anxiety attacks would never understand how a person with anxiety feels. There are different types of anxiety and one which I have a lot of problem with is social anxiety. I have a feeling a childhood experience made me become this way and even while I am now a young adult I still find myself fighting with this problem.

    I am not entirely sure the program on this page that would be ideal for me. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Jay, yes, everyone’s experience of anxiety can be different as the things that can trigger it is usually different. Ultimately anxiety is a sense of fear and intense worry which can be a huge struggle. I can hear that it has been something you have struggled with since childhood. I think the Self-Therapy Journey could be a good fit for you as there is one that addresses interpersonal issues that can be addressed for social anxiety that might be appropriate for you. You might also consider reading my other post of grounding or self soothing techniques that also help with managing anxiety in the moment. All the best ~kat

  17. Hello

    In our days, anxiety and panic attacks are inevitably situations. Work, family obligations, financial difficulties, health make most us lose control without being able to handle all this. Taking anxiolytics isn’t always the best solution. 

    In your article, there are suggested some ways with which somebody can help himself. I didn’t know that you can watch sessions online, even having a personal therapist, or taking yoga lessons. That’s amazing and very helpful.

    Thank you for your useful and resourceful topic. It really helps.


    1. Hi, it’s helpful to know there are options available for individual needs and uniqueness. What works for one may not for another. 

  18. Hello Kat; thanks for posting; came in the right time. A friend of mine is experiencing a state of anxiety. He made a visit and he felt bad on the road. She was thinking of returning the same way. That’s how it happened. After that he was in the doctor and gave him treatment. But I am against the drugs, so I ordered the free Anxiety Pocket ebook to give it to my friend.

    best regards


    1. Hi Carmen, it sounds like your friend is really struggling, and you’re doing a great job at supporting them and helping them manage the anxiety they have been experiencing. Let’s hope the Anxiety Pocket ebook helps your friend ~kat

  19. Hi Kat, when I see that word Anxiety the way I feel is like I don’t want it because it makes my heart beat pump more than normal what anxiety does to us does not help being healthy, the havoc anxiety cause is Internal.

    I would always thank you for the helpful post, there have never being human that won’t experience anxiety it can only supercede one another be it more or less anxiety, its not good for our health.

    can anxiety be get rid totally?

    1. Yes, anxiety is one issue that needs to be managed, acknowledged, and worked through to help one’s adrenal system to slow down enough to allow the body be healthy and in a state of calm. For some people anxiety can be gone permanently. This would take quite a bit of work to retrain and develop new neural pathways, but instead of it disappearing altogether, it can be managed and eased if experienced with practice.~kat

  20. Be mindful. This is one of the things my parent taught me since I was a kid. Whatever stressful situation or crisis I would be into, I must be calmed and overcome my fears to come up with a solution. It’s not easy but it can be achievable. However, my coping situation is not always the same with other people. Sometimes it’s hard for them to breathe and relax, transition is hard to be followed. There could be a lot of reasons behind this but what’s important in the process is admitting that you need help. It’s a wise decision to turn into someone – be it a friend or a professional to get help from them.

    We’re lucky that we have programs such as Panic Away, Blessing Manifesting, and 7 – Minute Mindfulness Better Help which can be easily access at our own comfort and discretion. Frequent Anxiety and Panic Attacks should not be ignored and set aside. Good thing that counseling programs are always available within our reach. As for me, I like self journals because I can pour all of my feelings and emotion into writing. I sometimes read it back and reflect on things that happened to me. I think it’s helpful in a way that I knew myself better than before. Thanks for sharing all these programs that can help people with their anxiety. In a way, you already contributed into saving a lot of individuals to deal with it. More power to you!

    1. Thanks hun. Your parents sound wise and have left you with a good grounding in managing life. Anxiety can certainly take over to the point of affecting one’s choices instead of having the freedom to make their own choices without being affected or avoid situations due to anxiety. 

      Journaling has huge benefits. It sounds like you’re able to process your thoughts and feelings well through this activity. This is also a beneficial way of reflecting and growing, well done ~kat

  21. I never knew such great resources existed online for anxiety and panic attacks. This shows the extent technology has advanced to bring help to the doorsteps of people with such issues. I’ve not suffered much from panic attacks but I’m glad the tons of information I’ve gathered through your article…….I guess my curiosity has served me well :). 

    Personally, having my quiet time before starting the day has been of great help in dealing with anxiety at the lab and when writing exams. Good to know that such options are available online. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. It is amazing that so many resources are available to help manage personal issues such as anxiety. It’s a tricky one to work with for some people and can hold them back from life. So having online programs can help them work through the anxiety in order for them to regain their life and enjoy again. Thanks for stopping by ~kat

  22. Hello! Thank you for sharing this post. I have friends that deal with anxiety and even though I can not imagine what they must go through it is refreshing to see that there are many tools that they can use to treat it. I will be sharing this site with my friends and please continue to add more content.

    1. Hi, thanks for thinking of your friends. They will be able to find heaps more content on here as I keep working on it and add content around discussions for managing anxiety, and developing self care and self love. Watch this space 🙂 ~kat

  23. Dear Kat,

    Recently I read the book, Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, in that book he talks about our fight or flight system and how our belief system can make us or break us, it’s an eye-opener for me.

    Once I read, 90% of the things we fear about never happens in our lives. It takes effort to create depression. Period.

    You not only discussed the problem caused by anxiety but you have provided with the solutions.

    Indeed, NLP provides a systematic framework for directing our own brain. With the help of Neuro Linguistic programming, we can run our brain in an optimal way to produce the results we desire. I am learning it.

    You have provided great value in this post!


    1. This sounds like a book that I could refer to clients and readers alike too Paul, thanks for sharing and letting me know about it. I too have read about NLP and find it both fascinating and valuable. This is an another area I plan on looking further into, so I’m sure there will be a post on this some time in the future too :).  Thanks for contributing ~kat

  24. Awesome writeup! I once learned that the first step in defeating your panic disorder symptoms is to understand what’s going on in your body when you experience an attack. gathering knowledge about the disorder and working out your basic triggers can be a starting point for dealing with the condition. Thanks for giving helpful tips on how to alleviate anxiety.


    1. Hi Jordan, these are great tips in helping to work out where to start with overcoming panic attacks. Yes, there usually is a trigger so it helps to know what the trigger is to then work out a way to ensure this can be addressed. 

  25. I am lucky I’m one of the persons who doesn’t have this kind of health issues. I only don’t know if it will come to me. 

    The thing is that it’s a fact and if there are persons who are suffering this insane condition anybody can be prone to.

    I thank you for sharing this important  knowledge on how to deal with this kind of health condition. This is such a helpful site, I’m sure many will find it beneficial.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, unfortunately anxiety is very common and can be so debilitating and limiting for so many people. I do hope the information I share on this blog can reach those who need it. There is more info on other posts for managing anxiety including grounding, and self soothing which can also help with anxiety.

  26. This is a fantastic review that can be solve a disturbing anxiety and panic attack. Anxiety can arise as a result of emotional imbalance, stress from work, success failure etcetera. I do have anxiety which normally result to insomia,migraine and lack of eating appetite. Most time, I usually engage myself with friend and exercise like yoga (physical and meditating). This program you’ve mentioned should also be of help. I’ll like to check Heather LeGuilloux out and see what they offer.

    1. Hi Stella, yes, it’s certainly concerning the amount of people who experience anxiety and the extent of it for some people is astronomical and can be debilitating. this is why I’m determined to help those who experience it with strategies and find the right support for them. Yoga and meditation are both really great ways to calm your senses and help ground you and keep your body functioning in a healthy state. Keep up the good strategies 🙂 ~kat

  27. Wow, this is so insightful. My wife has been dealing with anxiety of recent and it has not been easy at all. I struggle to get across and understand where she’s coming from or what headspace shes in. Thank you for stating programs available to help, this will definitely go a long way to helping my wife feel better.

    1. Hi Anthony, it can be so hard for those who don’t experience anxiety to know how to support our loved ones around us who do. Well done for considering what it might be like for her as you discover ways to support her. I hope your wife is able to work through her anxiety and overcome it. ~kat

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