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  1. Cathy says:

    I’ve always wondered whether there is such a thing online. There are certain personal issues that are still lurking within me, especially from my dark childhood days. As I turned into an adult, I feel the need to discuss with someone professionally, but I am a bit shy just in case people think I might be crazy. $30 to $40 per month is not a bad deal – I will take this for a spin for 14 days and see where it leads me too. 

    • Kat says:

      Hi Cathy, it sounds like this kind of program might have some benefits for you for sure. It can be really hard to see a therapist, but I’m pretty sure they would not think of you as crazy. As a therapist myself, we are non judgemental and have experience with people’s issues and facilitate them to work through from where they are at. See how this goes for you as a good starting point. Take care ~kat

  2. Jackson kenny says:

    This is really Fabulous, at one stage or the other, everyone has actually gone through a series of mental or psychological issues. It’s great to see that there are patterns that one can use to overcome this problem. This is great because it practical through  the use of self help books, guided meditations and customized reports. I’d try this programme for free and see how it can help me then decide to put my money into it when I see progress

    • Kat says:

      Hi, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree, personal issues can happen to anyone at various times throughout their lives, so it’s important to be aware of that and be open to getting help with them to prevent further issues developing. All the best ~kat

  3. RoDarrick says:

    Excellent review of this self therapy journey. Firstly, I have to say that what this program offers in line with the price it is being offered at, wow! It’s a golden opportunity because the time that I had to attend sessions with a therapy, the amount I was charged was up to the triple fold of this. I think this would serve as a great daily guide and follow up to maintaining the therapy sessions after seeing the therapist. I would definitely join this program. Cheers

    • Kat says:

      Hi, yeah, I agree, it’s so much value for what you get in return, while saving you heaps in therapy sessions. It can also facilitate and help enhance the learning through this program at the same time for follow up. Thanks for sharing. ~kat

  4. Jay says:

    For those that cannot afford a therapist I think performing self therapy is the way to go. For $30 or $40 per month I think that is very reasonable pricing. I personally have made use of a therapist and they normally bill by the hour at least for the ones that I have been to. They were a huge help but the only issue I had was the money. 

    This is definitely a better alternative as I don’t have to spend much while I would still be able to get the help I need.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Jay, it’s definitely a good option to allow a person to work on their issues especially at such an affordable price. And you can stop any time too, which means no contracts to lock you in. ~kat

  5. Michael says:

    Hi Kat.

    This is an amazingly useful article and it has been promptly bookmarked.

    While I may come across as confident and stable over the web, I do have issues with a lot of the items on the list you mentioned.

    I have had little success with things like meditation for most of the issues and I can’t afford a private therapist, so who better to work with me than my self, right?

    Considering the price of therapy these days, $40 isn’t a lot when you think about it.

    Thanks for the info Kat,

    • Kat says:

      Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your experience with your own personal issues. No one is immune to having something to work through, as we are all humans with emotions and an active mind, so it isn’t unusual for people to experience psychological issues at various times throughout their life. It’s about accepting that we need to do something about it and then take action on working through it. I wish you all the best in being able to find a way to work through your struggles Michael. I’m glad you’ve found this helpful. ~kat

  6. Sara Poyner says:

    I have recently discovered during a lot of inner work on myself, that a lot of my struggles and difficulties that I have in my life today are from programs I learnt in early childhood and beyond. If a habit or behaviour is performed over and over for a period of time, it becomes a program in the subconscious mind.

    This program sounds like a great way to really discover what it is that is holding me back. I will take the quizzes you have at the end of the article and may consider trying this.

    Many thanks for introducing me to this program.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Sara, it’s true, our early development and environments as well as family of origin can contribute to numerous habits and patterns in our adult lives. It’s great that you’ve been on your own self awareness journey thus far and you’re open to finding out more of what how you can work through what’s holding you back. Take care of you ~kat

  7. Lynn says:

    I am really amazed that there is such an online program around. There are times when I feel so stressed up but I have no time to see a therapist. Those were the times I felt so helpless. The good thing about this program is that you can actually use it anytime and anywhere. When
    I am stressed up, I feel extremely terrible at night when it is not possible to get a therapist and friends and family member are already asleep.

    The thing that interest me is that this program is able to help understand myself better by recognizing the patterns. I can totally relate to my feelings towards certain issues directly affects my words and behavior, which comes with negative consequences, and this pattern repeats itself again and again. It is just like a vicious cycle! It will be great if the program can help to break this pattern and situation will start to improve.

    I think give this program a try when I feel stressed up again.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Lynn, thanks for sharing your experience with your awareness of your stress patterns. You have a great insight into having these patterns already, which is a positive step towards being able to continue that work and gain further insight when you are ready through the use of this program. All the best ~kat

  8. Steve says:

    Kat, Throughout my life I have had a bit of professional therapy myself, as well as “going it on my own” to take care of all the baggage that we all end up with after living our lives. This sounds like a great program for the “going it on my own” part. because looking back, both avenues have contributed greatly to this journey. Thanks for the great article and the heads up for this program!


    • Kat says:

      Hi Steve, thanks for contributing to the conversation. It’s certainly of benefit knowing that there is something for us to work through for guidance when doing the personal work on our own. It’s to good to know that you have found both avenues beneficial and feel this program has a place for continued personal growth. ~kat

  9. Rique Wolf says:

    I have Suffered with Depression and Schizophrenia for 23yrs. Self Therapy has Always been One of My Coping Strategies – Thanx

  10. Timotheus says:

    I never knew of this. And this is awesome! Thank you for the detailed explanation of what is self therapy journey and its benefits. I appreciate that you also write about the cons as well as further support. You have given a very honest review. And this will help many people decide if this program is the right one for them.

    I especially like the fact that this program costs less than a monthly visit with a therapist – So True! And we can work on which issues of our choice, and at the time of our choosing. Awesome!

    I am sure there are many people who are unaware of this program. When I meet anyone who is willing to consider this, I will definitely point them to your review. I am sure they will learn a lot, and will find this review useful.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Timotheus, thanks for the support and considering to share this with people in your network. I think it’s highly valuable and affordable for those wanting to shift patterns they have developed over time with guidance. All the best ~kat

  11. Katya says:

    This sounds like a really great self-therapy program. I’m all about mental improvement, healing and actually getting to know yourself and being honest with yourself. You mentioned that the con of the program might be that a person may not be sure which issue you need to work on. Would you recommend to have a couple of sessions with a therapist first so he or she can help you recognise what is your weak spot?



    • Kat says:

      Hi Katya, self improvement and inner work is really valuable in helping one work on their issues. There are a number of quizzes on this page as well as others on the site that might help you work out which area that needs attention. It’s up to you if you see a therapist or not. I think if you start with the quizzes this would be a free option for you to consider. Then from there decide if you need to talk it through with a therapist first. 

  12. Sandy says:

    Thank you for this very interesting article about Self-Therapy Journey. There are so many people nowadays suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. I have read about many cases when the doctors prescribe more and more drugs as the only solution. 

    It looks that the self-therapy might help and depression is one of the problems that you wrote the Self-Therapy Journey might help. Have you heard of people with depressioin helped by Self-Therapy Journey?

    • Kat says:

      Hi Sandy, anxiety, depression and stress are very common for people to experience and it’s definitely worth one’s while to consider alternatives to medication first to see if it helps first. A lot of these issues stem from the way we think in our minds. The work done through Self-Therapy often helps one to identify where those thoughts come from and how to work through the patterns associated with them. It can help one to work through depression too. It has a pattern that can be worked through. Here’s a link to the depressed pattern.

  13. Brandon says:

    This is an eye opening program you’ve reviewed. There are so much people going through bad situations in their life and often times they do nothing to help them overcome the trauma. The Self-Therapy Journey is a great place to start and I wouldn’t mind paying $30 on something that’s proven to work and change lives. Not to mention that it has a 14 day free trial. My niece would find this program useful, so my question is, what’s the minimum age limit for this program? Cheers

    • Kat says:

      Hi Brandon, since finding this program I have been referring people to this program too, as it’s highly effective and valuable for working on one’s inner journey to identify patterns and work at your own pace without the need of a therapist. The strategies are there and are an effective guide. There is also an online community for non STJ users as well as STJ users. As far as I know there is no minimum age, but I imagine each individual would need to want to engage in the work and be involved and interactive with it while having the capacity for self reflection. Can I ask, how old is your niece? 

  14. Adyns68 says:

    I like that you emphasized that this should not replace a therapist. But should one consult a therapist before joining this program? Because as you listed in the cons section, you may not know what issue to address. So, I think the guidance of a therapist from the start sill be of great assistance.

    I think it is a great idea to help those in need with less financial means to go for a traditional therapist on a regular basis and those who just feel comfortable working on their issues from the comfort of their home. It is a good option for a therapist to follow  up on a patient too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Kat says:

      Hi, as there are quizzes, this can help one identify what their pattern might be that they need to work on. It is entirely up to the individual to decide if they need to work with a therapist in conjunction with this pattern. It can be an effective way to enhance the work done if that’s preferred, but it depends on the individual and how they feel. If one is looking at working on their own personal issues and identify patterns and want to improve how they interact with others and approach things in their world, this could be effective without a therapist. There is also an online  community and upcoming group phone meetings. 

       If there is some serious mental illness going on, then I would certainly recommend a therapist as an alternative.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts ~kat

  15. rjkennedy says:

    I guess when it comes down to personal issues, hell, we all have them. Some of our issues are worse than the next person. Some folks need serious therapy, some outside source that will listen and try to identify the root of our problems. Once we look deep within ourselves and stop blaming others for our problems, then maybe we can give ourselves self therapy. Work on the things we may have some control over. 

    If we let our personal issues and self worth get in the way, then that will hinder connections and friendship regarding the chance of meeting new people.

    • Kat says:

      Hi there, I agree, it’s when we let personal issues get in the way that it becomes a problem with our interactions with others and how we interact in our world. How we choose to interact can stem from patterns that have evolved over time that can make a difference in how we cope with life. ~kat

  16. Success Business Online says:

    I love it when self therapy allows us to work on healing our own issues without the intrusion of our privacy.

    This is my first time knowing about such program created by psychologist Jay Earley.  

    Being a self critic myself at times, I would love to read the book written by his partner Bonnie entitled Freedom from Your Inner Critic.

    As a care taker for dad for almost a decade, I do get affected by the depressive mood of the sick people around me.

    In your review of this course, you wrote capacities such as social confidence, assertiveness, self care and self esteem.   Such qualities are indeed important to help one to work on their wholesome well being.

    I will take a look at the program later on.  Thank you for your review article.

    • Kat says:

      Hi, thanks for sharing some of the challenges you face and how they impact on how you feel at times. It can be very draining caring for a family member. It’s quite common for us to have an inner critic, it’s important to be kind to yourself and identify when you aren’t so you can turn it around. You need to look after yourself too. Take care ~kat

  17. gr8megawinner says:

    Self Therapy Journey is a piece of useful piece of information for helping some with grave personal issues like one of my loved ones. She was suffering fro Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder. There was that thought that overpowered my loved one and it is for a time was a very serious personal issue indeed. The Journal as you may mention incorporated with IFS or Internal Family System Therapy was effective. It was so structured in a way that it was an effective method to track down the development of the afflicted individual with say OCD.  With this scientific method of capturing the details of the personal challenges in a journal was a great basis how to calibrate solutions even by the sufferer alone., There were a solution and understanding, and later confidence to handle the situation more in control up until that the issue was fully not only addressed but was even treated completely. Thank you.

    • Kat says:

      You have shared an amazing story of success with this program for your loved one who experience OCD. It sounds like it has helped your loved one immensely. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Jill says:

    Hi Kat, Thank you for this very relevant article which sounds great. I am glad you gave it a good review. I love the bit about finding freedom from your Inner Critic and also Activating your Inner Champion.

    Both of these are problems for me especially when I am feeling down.

    This doesn’t happen too often, I am pleased to say, but with my having my husband with a brain disease, now and then I do allow myself to feel down.

    I have bookmarked this article so that I may go back to it when I feel I am not coping, but so far, so good.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Jill, many of us experience times when we are not at our best and struggle to cope with demands on us. It sounds like you’re in a good place at the moment, but do come back here to read more about how this information can help you when you’re feeling like you need some extra help. All the best ~kat

  19. Anand says:

    This is a very thorough explanation of the product. I was looking to develop my influencing skills which were not mentioned on your page. Is it something they offer or is it outside the scope of this product? Most of the capacities completely resonated with me namely assertion and self-confidence.  I am working on the latter and am developing it gradually. Our personalities are shaped by our upbringing, environment, and events that happened in the past. Hence this will be a perfect product to identify and overcome childhood origins of our pattern. Thanks for sharing this with us

    • Kat says:

      I don’t think I have mentioned in this post all of the patterns that are offered through the program, so if you go via this link it will take you to the home page and from there you can scroll to the patterns section then click on the full list of patterns. It’s great that you’re already working on self confidence. This is something I work on regularly too.  All the best ~kat

  20. Stella says:

    This ks actually an amazing program for someone that want to correct their grieves about their personal life.  This program can be effective for someone that can easily improve themselves without motivation from outsider. This is because the training might look boring for a stubborn person that doesn’t want to go through it intentional. Many teenagers can fall into this category. Beside that, the program is cheap and can be accessed anytime we have the chance. They even offer free trial which are lacking in some other online guides. This self therapy journey will be a good recommendation for someone that so much need it.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Stella, yes, it can be effective for may people, especially if it is taken on board independently instead of being told to by someone else. It does take motivation to want to change. ~kat

  21. Twack Romero says:

    This is an exceptionally thorough and insightful review. Worth noting, as you did at the start, that it shouldn’t be seen a direct replacement for seeking help on a professional ‘one on one’ basis. Conversations with another offer two sides as oppose just just one when you have them with yourself. Honesty with yourself is not always as clear cut as we may think.

    I have to say, I have been lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of both sides. I had a therapist help me for many months, a number of years ago. He was exceptional and gave me many gifts for my own recovery and further self development. Maybe it was because I had already had the ‘one on one’ from a professional that enabled me to look for and use other methods that I had to delve into on my own.

    I am always wary of anything that offers to ‘cure’. As you quite rightly mention, being open to other avenues is a good way to be. Certainly for many of us, this course would shed light on some of our ‘Why am I like this’ scenarios. Meditation is such a great addition also. I think anything that can help us to become happier people, within ourselves and towards others, is only a good thing. I’ve always been of a mind to try things and if they work, brilliant. If they don’t, then I will look towards something else.

    • Kat says:

      Well done for being able to work with an effective therapist who was able to facilitate self development and recovery for you while also continuing your self work following the face to face sessions. It’s always beneficial to being open to new ideas and strategies as they can help or if they don’t find something else 🙂 ~kat

  22. SeunJeremiah says:

    Self Therapy Journey is surprisingly powerful and easy to use.  Even though I’ve done a lot of IFS therapy, the application helped me further relax dependent patterns I experience, and made a difference in my daily relationship with my significant other, I realized the importance of addressing issues instead of withdrawing. 

    • Kat says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this program. It sounds like it has helped you improve your relationship with your partner and has helped you to work through your avoidant patterns. Well done for being able to do that, but also for sharing how you found it was effective for you. ~kat

  23. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great article, and this is a good program if you know what your issue is. But I have to say, in which way this is better than a psychologic? I mean, my mama had the same problem, and in the end, that person helped her a lot. Of course, it is more expensive I think. My question is just if this can replace this person? 

    • Kat says:

      It will depend on the individual and what they prefer and how they want to work on their issues. Some people can find it easier to talk with a therapist either over the phone or face to face while others prefer to do the work themselves. This program is specifically for those who prefer to work in their own time and from their own home. 

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